Friday, July 25, 2014

New Model Colleen

New Model Colleen 



Colleen the model!
Colleen did a great job as a new model. This was her very first shoot, although I have known her for a while. If you are a photographer reading this from the local Cincinnati area, and looking to get practice with a girl who can pose herself this is who you should hire. She is very comfortable with any pose, she poses on her own and has great flow and understanding of lighting direction and movement. 
I have worked with few models as comfortable with their bodies as Colleen is.

Saying she knows how to pose is an understatement. With minimal direction she has total control of her motion and posing, while keeping good curves and movement at all times.

Colleen has a very comfortable attitude in front of the camera,
""I like being on camera. it feels natural for me to move in this way. I know my body and I know how it moves, I have performed as a professional dancer so the flexibility and movements are second nature to me""

Hire Colleen for your next photo shoot!

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